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Apple Acres Farm Blog

Hello there! We appreciate you stopping by to check out our farm blog. During the growing season I'm usually too busy to spend much time indoors, let alone log on to a computer. Luckily the off season (i.e., winter) offers more time to write on topics that peak my interest. I've always found writing to be a useful way to process and clarify my thoughts.


As a first generation farmer, I've learned a lot from others who were willing to share the good and bad of their own unique experiences. Part of the joy of farming is learning from others and being willing to experiment (without fear of failing). You won't find "how to" articles or list-icles here. There are plenty of those available elsewhere and they simply don't inspire me. I prefer to dig a little deeper and explore individual topics related to small-scale, regenerative farming in the far northern Midwest.


My hope is to connect with and possibly inspire others that want a deeper connection with their food, how it was grown, who grew it, etc. The posts below shed more light on how I approach small-scale, regenerative farming as a newer farmer with a passion for healthy, delicious and humane food.

Happy reading!

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