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Hello there! I've been writing longer than I've been farming, but the growing season doesn't leave much time for indoor computer work. As a farmer, I find writing useful for processing and clarifying my thoughts, something that is hard to do during the busy growing season. Thus, I usually write over the winter in between my research, reflecting, and planning for the coming season.


As a first generation farmer, I've learned a lot from beginners to experts willing to share the good and bad of their own unique experiences. I love treating life as a series of experiments and do my best to enjoy the journey, even with all its setbacks and heartbreaks. We open the farm to visitors but strive to make some of the information we share on our farm tours accessible to everyone.


Through this blog, my hope is to connect with and possibly inspire others that want a deeper connection with their food. The posts below shed more light on how I approach small-scale, regenerative farming as a newer farmer with a passion for growing, foraging, and raising healthy, delicious and humane food.

Happy reading!

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