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Chaga herbal tincture dropper bottle with dried chaga mushroom pieces
  • Chaga Tincture (1 oz)

    The chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) has become widely popular in recent years due to it's well documented medicinal benefits as well as it's mild, earthy, and slightly nutty taste.


    Chaga has shown activity against uterine and cervical cancer as well as the following potential benefits:


    • Antibacterial

    • Anti-inflammatory

    • Antioxidant

    • Anti-tumor activity

    • Antiviral

    • Blood sugar balancing

    • Immune enhancer

    • Liver tonic


    Herbal Tinctures


    We harvest our herbs when the phytochemical compounds are at their peak. We take great care to ensure we are sustainably harvesting these valuable herbs, particularly our wild medicinal mushrooms that are an  important component of the forest ecosystem.


    Each tincture is produced using a dual-extraction process in small batches to ensure high quality and efficacy. While tinctures are more concentrated and can provide better nutrient and phytochemical uptake, teas and stronger (non-alcoholic) decoctions can be made with the same herbs.


    Herbal tinctures can be a healthy addition to a daily wellness routine thanks to their ability to support our bodies natural healing response. The effects of each tincture will depend on the amount and frequency taken as well as the individual taking them.


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


      Our herbal tinctures are made in small batches using herbs grown or foraged right here on Apple Acres Farm in our farm kitchen. We take great care to ensure we are sustainably harvesting these valuable herbs and aim to harvest when their phytochemical compounds are at their peak. All herbal tinctures are sold in 1 oz amber glass dropper bottles and are available for shipping via USPS.


      If you are not completely satisfied with our product please contact us immediately to discuss a replacement product or a refund. Thank you for supporting our small business!


      Orders ship within 2 business days of receiving them from Houghton, Michigan.

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