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Organic Beetroots


Interested in volunteering?


There is always work to be done around here! As a small-scale, diverse farm, however, our tasks are not always easy to divide into neat projects and cannot always be scheduled far in advance since weather conditions often determine our work schedule. Some tasks can be completed on your own, while others involve working with/assisting Heather. 


Please read through the following information before reaching out to schedule a time to come volunteer with us. Below we provide an example list of volunteer projects by month. For those who are interested in seeing the farm, please check out our farm tour schedule.

We take on volunteers from April through October. Please plan to spend at least one or two hours volunteering. If you schedule a time to come out and volunteer, we ask that if you are running behind or need to reschedule or cancel, that you let us know as soon as possible. If you decide to volunteer, please come prepared and dress appropriately for the work and the weather. This may include bringing your own work gloves, water bottle, snacks, sun protection, close toed work shoes, and extra layers.


We practice biosecurity to minimize health risks to our livestock, especially our free-range flock. Avian influenza has been a major problem in poultry flocks so we ask visitors to help by:

  • Letting us know if you have chickens (if yes, wear different clothing, footwear, and gloves than you use with your flock)

  • Washing your hands and shoes prior to volunteering

  • Not picking up or handling the chickens

  • Staying out of the chicken coop (unless directed to work in the coop)

  • Leaving pets at home

Volunteer days will vary depending on the task(s) to be completed.


Below are examples of volunteer projects by month. Some of these projects require minimal time and multiple projects may be worked during your volunteering time. Other projects are larger and may not be completed in one volunteer session. Additionally, certain projects can be more easily planned, while others are based on external factors like weather, plant growth stage, etc. Therefore, we ask volunteers to come with an open mind and an interest in working on any number of projects.


  • Hugel garden bed prep

  • Clean out animal bedding

  • Haul apple tree trimmings

  • Make soil blocks and start seedlings

  • Install goat fencing panels

  • Tarp garden beds

July / August

  • Mulch garden beds

  • Harvest and dry herbs

  • Thin apple fruitlets

  • Prep and move portable goat fencing


  • Install garden fencing

  • Chip wood and spread

  • Cardboard garden paths

  • Collect leaf bags and wood chips from public works

  • Harvest and spread leaves

  • Plant early season crops


  • Harvest and dry herbs

  • Pick apples

  • Pick up apple drops

  • Harvest autumn olive berries


  • Plant crops

  • Mulch garden beds

  • Harvest and dry herbs

  • Scythe apple orchard

  • Thin apple blossoms

  • Prep and move portable goat fencing


  • Remove garden fences

  • Harvest apples for goats

  • Clean out animal bedding

  • Move cut trees

  • Chip wood

  • Sheet mulch ridge

  • Collect leaf bags

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