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Apple Acres Farm

Farm Tours

There are many reasons visitors take a farm tour or seek out one of our unique farm experiences. While some do have prior farming or homesteading experience, many do not! Most simply are curious about what it's like to open up a hive, spend time with cute little goats, forage for wild mushrooms with an expert, or learn about the realities of off-grid living. We like to think about our farm as a living laboratory (farm-oratory?) where people can experience a vibrant, sustainable, and human-scaled farming. 

Our  current seasonal tour offerings include maple syrup making (early spring only), goat happy hour, wild mushroom foraging, backyard beekeeping, regenerative farm tour, off-grid living tour, and farm stand + skill share (free each Friday in the summer). Below you will find a description of each tour as well as a schedule of tour offerings.

For tours, we offer a 25% reduced rate for children 13 and younger (coupon code FarmKids) as well as a discount of 15% for groups of 4 or more (coupon code GroupFun). These offers do not apply to retreats.