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Bumblebee on comfrey flower blossom with blue sky
  • Comfrey Bocking 14 Root Cuttings - Bundle of 5

    Comfrey "Bocking 14" (Symphytum sp.) is a beautiful and useful plant. It has medicinal properties, can be used as mulch or for compost amendments, and pollinators love the nectar provided by the nodding purple flowers. Our chickens and goats love to snack on the large, fuzzy green leaves, which we dry in the fall to provide a nice winter snack. Comfrey is hardy and can tolerate most soils.


    Bocking 14 will not spread by itself but if it is rototilled or plowed, it will happily regrow from every piece of root that is spread around. It is hard to remove from an area once planted, so be mindful of where you plant it!


    Root cuttings are taken from mature plants grown without chemicals. Cuttings will be a mix of 2-6" root pieces. Comfrey is easy to plant and get established (see instructions below). Live plants are available for local pickup only.


    Planting Instructions

    Comfrey grows best in rich, moist soil in a sunny location but will tolerate partial shade. Space root cuttings 3 feet apart and lay flat (horizontal) and cover the cuttings with about 2 inches of soil.


    Comfrey will benefit from the addition of aged manure, compost, or worm castings; however, if the soil has decent organic matter, comfrey can grow in a vareity of soil conditions. Keep the soil moist but not soaking wet after planting. Soil fertility, moisture, and sun exposure will affect your comfrey's growth/establishment. In sandy, well-drained soils, you may need to water weekly until the plants are established.

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