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Red currant berries
  • Currant Plant

    Red and Black currants (Ribes sp.) produce large clusters of fruit great for eating fresh. Unlike raspberries, currant plants will stay where planted and only require periodic pruning. Both types offer unique flavors, medicinal value, and are easy to manage. Currants are usually able to produce strong crops with minimal damage from deer. Even if browsed in the winter, they seem to recover the following year and continue to produce berries.


    Currant plants are available from our red currant (Minnesota 52) and black currant (Minaj Smyriou) plants. Each cutting is 6-10" and taken from mature plants grown without chemicals. Each cutting has been potted with soil inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi to encourage root formation. For local pickup only.


    Planting Instructions

    Plants can be planted outside after the danger of frost has passed but need to be well mulched and watered. Compost or worm castings can be added as an occasional treatment.

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